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Renewal "Bid" Assistance

  • We review your company’s exposure to risk and your current insurance program to ensure that you understand exactly what coverges you have, need and/or desire. This is an unbiased evaluation of your coverage to help you purchase only the coverages you need and/or want.
  • You receive effective renewal bid specifications for your company. This will result in more accurate and competitive renewal bids from your existing carrier/agent and other carriers/agents you select for additional bids.
  • Your consultant will discuss the importance of agent/company assignments for bids and guide you through the selection process. When done properly, this step alone will help get the best quotes available and lower your total insurance cost.
  • Once all the bids are received, your consultant provides an unbiased, professional review and helps you choose the plan that best meets your needs. We not only explain the differences, but we also show it to you in writing.
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